The day has finally arrived and our team (not all pictured here) have accomplished an exceptional task that some said wasn’t even possible.

What we want to get out there, is that THIS WORKS! This process changes the game on how Australia can manage human-wildlife conflicts. Every relocation morning, we steadily improved to create the most efficient, safe and humane procedure possible… that resulted in hundreds of happy, healthy wallabies living their best lives! A relocation also reduces the pressure on the remaining population too. This means, less wallabies venturing out onto sides of roads and suburban front yards.

The work isn’t over yet. We’ll be taking a two week break before starting up again, to relocate another 200 which has already been approved by State Government. We intend to use this time, to keep pushing forward on a way to secure much-needed funding to complete this next relocation. Why is another relocation needed? Because even more wallabies have been “pushed” into the area from surrounding development.

Strategic fencing, vegetation management, on-site wildlife experts, macropod contraception… are all components of a larger management strategy that is DESPERATELY needed in our area. We intend to do our best and follow through on advocating for all of the above. More will soon be announced on the action Cairns Council are currently taking, in order to facilitate a positive approach for both the wallabies and our community.

Lastly, the biggest hugest most powerful THANK YOU to every member of our relocation team. You’ve all become some of the most experienced macropod handlers in Australia! Thank you for volunteering hundreds of hours of your time and sacrificing your regular sleeping patterns. The pure joy of helping these animals has made countless memorable moments we’ll never forget.