The Agile Wallaby Project was originally founded by Shai Ager in 2017, to establish protocols for a large-scale macropod relocation to be carried-out under her guidance. A few years later, the group evolved into a rescue and rehabilitation service (now known as The Agile Project – Wildlife Inc.) that not only helps wallabies and other macropods… but all native species across Far North Queensland.


    • Have a 24/7 hotline. 
    • Provide training in triage, care & humane capture of native animals.
    • Have a dedicated team of rescuers and carers.
    • Create fundraising events to assist with the demanding costs associated with getting an animal back out into the wild (which as we all know… can take a very long time).
    • Raise public awareness and educate the community.
    • Work alongside key stakeholders such as councils and developers to achieve the best outcome for local wildlife.


  • We have a commitment to ensuring accountability for ethical practices, responsible resource management, and fostering a supportive environment that prioritises the mental health and well-being of all individuals involved in our wildlife rescue and conservation efforts. Our central committee does our best to try foster a culture of open communication and mutual respect, to meet the highest standards of ethical conduct, transparency, and responsibility in all activities. We see this as a priority due to the demanding nature of the work we’re exposed to, so ensuring our members feel supported helps with the longevity and continuity of their time as a volunteer.



Additionally, our group is also comprised of what we call “Citizen Scientists” that help with research, data collection and studies that contribute to developing better wildlife management practises across Australia. Our original large-scale macropod relocation of 800 wallabies was so successful that it helped set a precedent for an alternative approach to human-wildlife conflicts. The success has been well-documented, that it’s even used by state government bodies as a reference in their legislation and processes. Our founder and other experienced macropod handlers now travel Australia teaching what so many others told us was “impossible”. Proving large-scale relocation success in not only agile wallabies, but many other species that contribute to our biodiverse range of fauna across the country.

Members of The Agile Project are passionate about protecting our local wildlife and assisting any injured or orphaned animals. We are giving our local wildlife a voice!