The Agile Project – Wildlife Rescue is a rehabilitation group for native animals in Cairns and surrounding regions.


  • To attend incidents where any wildlife has been reported as injured or killed.
  • To check female wallabies for viable joeys.
  • To rescue orphaned joeys and provide them with  immediate care and support, with the aim of rehabilitation.
  • To work with other local agencies like the Cairns Regional Council, developers and the Department of Main Roads, to employ strategies such as signage, fencing, landscaping and speed restrictions in affected areas.
  • To raise public awareness of the plight of local wildlife, and to educate the community about ways to minimise the threats to them.
  • To reduce the overpopulated group of Agile wallabies in the Northern Beaches area by relocating wallabies to other safer habitats.


  • Dispatchers tend a 24-hour emergency hotline that members of the public can use to report incidents.
  • Rescuers attend incidents involving injured wildlife.
  • Carers provide 24 hour care for injured animals or orphaned joeys.
  • A road-checking crew does daily early morning patrols of the most dangerous streets for injured or dead wallabies.
  • Members from the road-checking crew check the gates of sporting fields to release any trapped animals.
  • Volunteers provide information to the public at various events and public activities, and educate groups (such as school children, service clubs and retirement villages) about our local wildlife.
  • Fundraising events to offset the costs of orphaned joey care, vet bills and other such expenses are initiated and managed by our volunteers.
  • Other roles include sewing joey pouches, transporting animals, producing flyers/public awareness material, posting flyers on community noticeboards and liasing with local vets.


Members of The Agile Project are passionate about protecting our local wildlife and assisting any injured or orphaned animals. We are giving our local wildlife a voice!