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Shai Ager

Shai Ager, started The Agile Project in 2017 after graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Ecology. Shai was “raised alongside wildlife” from a young age, as her mother was a Wildlife Carer.

Shai built a team to support her dream. She wanted to gain permission and prove that large-scale macropod relocations could be successful. After a “David and Goliath” battle through court taking on State Government to change their policies and allow for such relocation, Shai and her team have now proven their protocols to be a great success! Leading and training a volunteer group to relocate 800 wallabies has not only helped those individuals… but has set a precedent for future¬†human-wildlife conflicts across Australia where humane relocation can now be considered a viable option.

As an Ecologist & Private Consultant, Shai now travels the country to complete Management Reports for stakeholders, eco-developers and landowners. Being a licensed Spotter Catcher & experienced animal handler, this out-of-the-box entrepreneur is paving the way to more sustainable management practises in human-wildlife conflicts. Shai is also a Research Associate with CSIRO working on macropod fertility control trials, focusing on the Agile wallaby.

Back home, Shai has started her own Wildlife Sanctuary on the Atherton Tablelands to assist our non-profit organisation (and others) with pre-releasing animals that have gone through rehabilitation. With a passion for monitoring the success of these animals, she combines her love of wildlife and science background to identify and improve rehabilitation efforts.

On top of this, Shai volunteers her time as President and also as one of our Macropod Coordinators. TAP-WR has Shai delivering content that she’s collated over 8 years to present both virtual and in-person courses to upcoming Carers, Rescuers and Phone Coordinators.

Creating change for the benefit of not only humans, but wildlife too has always been Shai’s mission. Motivating the world to believe that it can be possible for us to co-exist alongside nature. It’s all about effective communication, strategic ethical management and being adaptable… much like the Agile wallaby!

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