“The importance of Sweet Potato”
Sweet potato is like “CHOCOLATE” for wallabies! Only the healthy kind.. if that’s even possible. They absolutely love it.
A few pieces are placed on the treadle of the Thomas Trap and the rest at the back. Within a matter of moments, the wallabies are interested and start heading for their slice of “healthy chocolate”.

In the wild, Agile Wallabies are often seen foraging for tuberous roots and other underground food sources. Sweet potato is of the tuberous root family and is therefore safe for them to eat. Which is great because it creates the perfect luring substance! And as we’ve discussed before, luring is what contributes to the stress-free tactic of this Macropod relocation.

You can! We’re after Volunteers to prepare the sweet potato for the relocation the following morning. It’s a really fun experience and is headed by our Sweet Potato Coordinator, Alyce. She’ll teach you everything you need to know. All you need to do, is fill out the Expression of Interest form with your details + availability and Alyce will be in contact.

At the moment, this is the best way to become a Relocation Volunteer. We currently have enough people to complete the physical relocation (although always after more Vets). Nevertheless, if you wanted to become more involved in future, sweet potato chop is still the best first-step to get involved! You’ll meet other Volunteers and get the opportunity to ask questions about the project.